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10 largest retailers in the world

Check out the list of the top 10 world’s retailers bravely withstanding the COVID-19 challenges

Finance & Economics

JD integrates with Asian bank

The bank has more than 32 million credit card users

Science & Technology

The shopping of the future: 9 unmanned stores

Unmanned stores utilize technology instead of personnel, and mobile wallets instead of a cash register

Finance & Economics

Cloudflare and JD.com announced a partnership

Cloudflare covers 200 cities in more than 90 countries and regions, including 17 cities in the Chinese mainland

Finance & Economics

JD offers one-hour delivery through new partnership

The delivery of daily necessities will be powered by Dada Group


JD.com reveals customers’ behavior change with the quarantine easing

The research conducted by JD shows that people are going outside for more outdoor activities as COVID-19 restrictions are easing


Major deal on cloud service market announced

This partnership will use Digital China’s IT network and technology facilities to help JD further build its cloud service ecosystem

Society & Lifestyle

JD develops new types of robots in response to coronavirus

The robots are equipped in a way to significantly decrease human-to-human contact

Finance & Economics

JD targets illegal merchants through partnership 

The partners will jointly share a list of the violating merchants further taking them down together

Science & Technology

JD provides unmanned shopping solution during COVID-19 outbreak

AI vending machines are being rolled out to cities with increasing demand for unmanned shopping experiences like Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing


JD responds to coronavirus outbreak through platform launch

JD has been providing emergency medical supplies to Hubei province since January 21


Top 10 biggest e-commerce websites revealed

List of largest companies by visits per month

Science & Technology

JD provides coronavirus aid via robot and drone deliveries

From January 24 to February 2, the number of daily orders processed by the automated warehouses on average has increased from 600,000 to 1 million

Finance & Economics

JD reveals 2020 roadmap for its Retail business

JD Retail revealed its business aims for accelerated quality growth in the current year

Science & Technology

Lenovo and JD launch a joint platform

The initiative aims to help 100 suppliers, bring together 200 technical partners and 20,000 enterprise service partners