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7 effective digital marketing techniques during the pandemic

Daniel Martin Head of Customer Success   The coronavirus, which first started in China, has now affected more than 200 countries globally. The spread has left businesses wondering whether there will be a possibility of recovery. Unfortunately, some of them had closed their doors and laid-off workers to cut their losses. The survival of the […]


Top 5 marketing tips for business owners

John Peterson Journalist and Essay Writer   What sets your company apart from other businesses in the same city or region? If you are running a typical firm, rest assured the answer is marketing. Companies working in the same niche sell more or less the same products, so marketing becomes the only surefire way to […]

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Affiliate marketing for online retail: how profitable is it?

Alice Jones Digital Marketer and Blogger   E-commerce marketing goes a long way, but can it make the most of affiliate campaigns? It’s a question a lot of marketers have been trying to answer recently, but you can hardly find a straightforward conclusion anywhere on the Internet. A report shows that affiliate marketing is responsible […]


Video marketing statistics: what you must know for 2020

Andre Oentoro founder of Breadnbeyond   Over the past few years, the sheer volume of online videos is growing dramatically. It has now become a staple content that internet users consume for their daily dose of internet. That’s why YouTube, as a video sharing platform, has become the world’s second-largest search engine for some reason. […]


Top 5 marketing trends for 2020

We anticipate these trends to be leading in 2020

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It’s time to change the way digital marketing is done – global survey

The survey found that only 23% of all respondents believe that targeted messages are useful